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Organization and Manning Scale

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  • Last updated:2024-04-15
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According to the Number of Personnel List of Schedule to Article 5 of the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court Organization Act, the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office Intellectual Property Branch (THPO-IPB)’s authorized workforce is one Chief Prosecutor, several Head Prosecutors, Head Prosecutors, Prosecutors, Assistant Prosecutors, Clerks and Bailiffs, for a total of 30 persons. However, since its establishment, most of the workforce for the THPO-IPB was held concurrently by the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, with general administrative tasks managed by administrative units within the THPO.

Currently, the THPO-IPB has 4-5 prosecutors and 4 clerks, of which 2-3 prosecutors and 3 clerks are appointed by the THPO-IPB, while the rest are transferred from the THPO to the THPO-IPB.

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