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December 7, 2023 Visit by Korea Attorneys

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Hsin-hung Ching, the Head Prosecutor of the Intellectual Property Branch of Taiwan High Prosecutors Office (the Office) received Korea Attorneys Mr. Kim Jong Min and Mr. Arthur J. Choy on the afternoon of December 7. They were accompanied by Ms. Chen Wen-chi (retired Head Prosecutor of the Office) and Mr. David Horng (retired Prosecutor of the Office).

Head Prosecutor Hsin-hung Ching also presided over the seminar.
Prosecutor Amy H.M. Lo, Jonathan Chu, Wen-chi Huang, Kung-jen Hsu, Julie Liu participated in the discussion. Prosecutor Amy H.M. Lo briefed the guests about the major business conducted by the Office (There have been huge changes in the investigation and public prosecution of the trade secrets criminal cases, due to the amendments to the IP Case Adjudication Act and the National Security Act). Then, the exchanges continued at dinner, and very beneficial to both sides.

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